Thursday, June 25, 2015

I'm back.......hehehe

Shhhh, Mom doesn't know I'm on the computer.  She's in bed, reading one of her many books. Usually I'm hanging out with her, but I thought I would sneak off and say HI to ya'll.  Did I really just say ya'll?  I know this is southern Utah, but really?  Anyway, it's sooooo hot here.  It's supposed to get up to 113 on Saturday.  Mom won't take me out cause she says it's way to hot for her and me.  She makes the cat stay in too, and let me tell ya, the cat really hates that!  She meows, and meows, and meows.  Grates on my nerves I tell ya.

We got a new car.  In fact Mom's ex-husbands wife gave it to her.  Her name is Sylvia.  Her and Mom are friends, and when Sylvia got a brand new car, she gave Mom her beloved Ford Expedition.  She won't let me in it yet until she gets some fangled bars to keep me from jumping on the seats.  She says she is NOT gonna let me wreck this vehicle like I did the last whatever that means. Course we still have our beloved Buick.  It still runs like a top and it has a pad in the back so I can go in it.  I love hanging out the windows while we are driving.  Maybe she'll take a picture of it soon and put on this here blog for you all to see.  Anyway she's happy because it's something called 4-wheel drive and her ex put brand new tires on it for her.  Huge, nubby things.  I guess when it cools down we'll be able to go out in the desert on dirt roads without worrying about some such or another.  Being a dog I don't quite understand what she's telling me, but I can tell she's happy.  AND, she says she'll be able to take me up to northern Utah to see the grandkids.  I love those guys.  They love to play with me, and that little Mila is soooo cute.  She crawls all over me, and kisses me, and hugs me.  I just love it!

Isn't she a doll!  The boys love to curl up in balls and let me try to lick there faces and ears.  They giggle and giggle.

Oh and guess what?  I've found out that I am part Boxer and part Great Dane!  No wonder I'm so tall and lanky.  They says that boxers are smart, (Mom says I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed) whatever that means, and that Great Dane's are gentle.  That I am she says.

Uh oh, I hear her mumbling about something, I better sign off.  I
will try to get back on the computer sooner than later.  Did I say that right?

See ya, Tiah


Anonymous said...

You be careful in the extreme heat, Tiah. Congrats to you and mom on the new car; what fun you'll have now! Little Mila is so sweet. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. xo

TexWisGirl said...

boxer and great dane! yes!!! :)

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Hi Tiah! I'm happy to read that you and your mom have a new car...that is exciting! I see lots of trips to see the grands in your future. Love the photo of sweet little Mila...she is a doll! Loved your post, too. Have a nice weekend!

Rose said...

So glad your mom got a new to her set of wheels! Yeah for you getting to go see those grandkids!

EG CameraGirl said...

I think your pretty sharp, Tiah. You write a very good note...AND you got away from the computer before your mom caught you too. Sounds to me like your pretty happy about the "new" car too. Very cool that you'll get to travel north to see the grandkids!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Hi Tiah!
I'm so glad you were able to update us on everything going on at home. I must have known you were part boxer, because I've loved you since I first saw you...and boxers are smart and silly too. I hope you get a lot of rides in the new wheels; you'll be the coolest dog in town! Now, get some sleep; there is much fun to be had every morning!

Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Thanks for the update, Tiah- I hope Mom gets you a nice blanket for the back seat of the new car. Mom's right- you should stay indoors until it cools off some. :)

Lori said...

Okay- she is a doll! love to get her to talk to me. or at least acknowledge me. Mila is so sweet.

Jeanne said...

How awesome! A new car for you and Tiah. First thing you know she will own it!