Wednesday, September 12, 2018

September 2018

Still hot during the day, but the evenings are getting cooler and the mornings are very cool. 
 The cool feels really good.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

August 2018

I can't believe August is half way through.  I admit I am looking forward to fall and winter.  I tire of the hot weather very fast.  I've noticed that my flowers and plants are noticing a change in the air.  More blossoms, and looking a lot happier.  I watched an awesome football game that my grandson played in for Snow Canyon High School.  Such a great player.  I think I'm finally getting a handle on Medicare (yikes), my daughter in law is applying to be a police officer for the City of St. George and my son sold all of his paintings at the art show he had.  He is a wonderful artist.  It's been a different summer. I retired on May 31st.  I do not regret doing that at all, though I miss the friends I have there.  Many of them I've worked with for 21 years, but I couldn't take the stress anymore. I am still adjusting to not having a schedule.  I guess I do better when I have to do things in a timely matter.  So, I'm trying to establish that in my life.  My mother who is 96 is doing well.  I am noticing some changes in her that concern me.  She still drives!  Scares me to death! She got her drivers license renewed not long ago, and doesn't have to renew it till she is 100.  Holy cow!  My biggest worry about her is that one of these days when I go over there to check on her, I will find her passed on from this life.  I am the only sibling that lives in town.  Everyone else lives 4 to 10 hours away.   I have to admit it weighs on me.  I am blessed that she is still with us and I treasure the time I have to spend with her.  I am blessed with wonderful children and grandchildren, I love each and everyone of them more than they know.  I am blessed with a cute home and two faithful companions.  Tiah, who no matter what room I go to, she follows and lays down right next to me.  My kitty, Squeek, who is 14 years old, drives me crazy with her yowling, but she still cuddles with me at night.  So, so much to be grateful for.

Friday, July 13, 2018

July 2018, so far.....

 One thing about Southern Utah is that we have a monsoon season.  We have the most magnificent skies because of it, oh and much needed rain.
 Was hearing an odd sound the other morning.  I discovered this road runner peacefully perched on my neighbors roof.  He was the source of the odd sound.
 Been working a lot in my backyard since I retired a month ago.  Hard, hot work, but good for me.
Was lucky to get this pretty picture of the moon.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Last Saturday...

 Worked the opening of our new park Thunder Junction.  Caught these guys waiting for a ride on the train.  Dorks!
 Love this.  Can't wait to stand under it.  Probably be next summer though.
 Our volcano erupting.  Rumbles, and shoots steam out the top.
 Love these flowers.  Last hold outs till it gets to cold for any flowers.

 These are awesome guys. I told them I was doing a beefcake calendar for the city, so pose for me.  I don't think they believed me, and smiled anyway.  They come into our office to tell me about graffiti they found or ask a question that I have no idea how to answer.
I love this.  Such detail. I was surprised to see it on the door going into the pump room for the water feature.  So cute!