Monday, March 23, 2015

Hela Seegmiller Historical Park...

 This land used to be an old farm.  It was donated to the City to make a park out of it.  This barn that we built is actually a pavilion for people to use for activities and events.  We've already had one wedding there, with quite a few more scheduled.  Actually the brides are driving me crazy scheduling it.  That's one of my jobs here at the Parks Division, I'm secretary and I schedule all the parks for activities.  Phone rings off the hook this time of year and in the fall.
 This is a reproduction of a granery.  Look how talented our construction guys are in our division.  

 There is a small farm house that the guys build behind it.  It reminds me of the little house on the prairie house.
 We've been scouring the area for old wagons, tractors, etc. to display here.
 This will actually be a working farm when it's all done and said.  One of our parks workers works on his Dad's farm when he gets off work.  So he is in charge of this farm.  He's started a garden as you can see here.

The guys have really put alot of hard work into this park.
This is an old chicken coop that we moved here.  It needs work, but when it's done there will be chickens here.  In fact we have chicks living in our warehouse right now, getting them ready for the farm.  All eggs and vegetables will be donated to the local charity here for people to have.  We're even going to have horses and cows.  There is an orchard planted also.  Didn't get a picture of that yet. 


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Cassidy Alldredge said...
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