Friday, June 7, 2013

Toads, rats and birds....oh my!

Once upon a time there was this gorgeous, beautiful, wonderful woman, ah ahem, well anyway this woman that lived in a cute little home.  She tries her best to keep it clean and cozy.  Well, she also has two little kitties named Squeak and Star.  Now Squeak, she is a sweet little cat, friendly and very calm.  BUT, there is this other kitty named Star.  Now Star, she is shy, friendly to the woman, and puts up with the big dog that likes to pin her down and lick her to death.  Now Star, she is a hunter and loves to bring the woman all kinds of presents.  Monday when she got home from work, something didn't seem right in the house, so she went in search of whatever is was.  When she looked in the bathtub, she found a dead bird with feathers everywhere.  "Oh bother", she said.  She wrapped the poor little thing in a paper towel and laid it to rest in the garbage can outside.  She cleaned up the feathers and that was that.  THEN on Friday morning she noticed Star hunting all over her bedroom.  Under the bed, around the bed, over the bed.  The woman just figured she had brought in another bug.  So she just went to work.  When she got home she found Star lounging in her bedroom, sleeping the afternoon away.  Then later that night when she went to wash her face and brush her teeth before she went to bed, she noticed her dog, Tiah is her name, doing the same thing the cat had done that morning.  So sighing she went and got her trusty flashlight and low and behold she found a Kangaroo Rat running around behind her bed.  Awwww, poor little frightened thing (actually it was quite big).  She tried to catch it, but couldn't so she called her son-in-law to come help her.  He came with her grandson, who thought this was gonna be the greatest thing ever to catch a mouse.  Well after tearing apart her bed, which she had just washed the sheets and put them on the night before, they finally caught the little guy.  The woman went to take a picture of it, but her camera card wasn't in the camera.  Dang nabbit!  Where the heck is that thing?  The son-in-law took the little thing out to the desert to let it go.  It was a bit injured from the cat catching it and bringing it in the house, so the woman hopes the little thing lives.  So, while she was walking everyone back out to their car, a huge toad jumped out.
 Well luckily the woman had found her camera card still stuck in the computer, so she was able to take a picture of the chubby little guy.  This guy is eating good that's for sure.
Anyway, after the woman vacuumed her room (the little mouse had left a few presents for her) and put her bed back together, she lit a candle and laid on the bed to write this story.
  Now it's time to lay back, take some deep breaths and hope no more 
presents come her way for awhile! 

The End....


KK said...

That really is a big toad, one of the biggest I have ever seen.

With toads, dead birds and kangaroo rats and all, the gorgeous, beautiful, wonderful woman surely lives an exciting life.

TexWisGirl said...

laughing at the picture in my head of the riot in your bedroom, chasing a kangaroo rat around and around. :)

but i LOVE that sweet, big ol' toad!

see, tiah's not the worst of your worries these days any more... :)

Terri said...

I know it probably wasn't funny to you, but your description of the captures is hilarious... Your cats really love you!

Blackberry Lane (Mildred) said...

You just never know what pets are up to!!!!!

Catherine said...

Oh my stars ~ that is a lot of excitement for one day!! Glad you were able to capture the photo and the words!
Too funny.
xo Catherine

EG CameraGirl said...

Sounds like Star wanted to liven things up a little. :))