Friday, May 18, 2012

Poor little (big?) Tiah, she got spayed today, and boy is she feeling low.  If I touch her anywhere but her head she bites at me.  She must be sore all over.  Doesn't want to eat or drink anything.  I know that's ok for right now, but if she doesn't eat some tomorrow I'll be worried.  She finally managed to get on the couch and is sound asleep.  Bless her little heart!

On the up side, I got some extra money in my paycheck today, my longevity bonus.  YAY!  I was able to pay for the vet, and go get some food for me and the animals.  Finally!


TexWisGirl said...

congrats on the bonus!

i'm a bit worried about tiah biting at you! she should respect you as the alpha dog and NO aggression towards you should be tolerated!

Kerin said...

So happy for you that you got the bonus! What a blessing for you :)

Sorry about Tiah.. hope she's feeling better soon.

Hope that this weekend is a good one for you !!


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, Hope Tiah will feel much better tomorrow.
Happy you got a bonus. Wishing you a very nice weekend.

Jill said...

Poor Tiah. Poor you. You will both be OK.

Yippee on the bonus! That's wonderful!

Janet said...

Great timing on that bonus. Vet bills are so high.

Poor Tiah..she will be ok. Its normal to feel yuckie are a few days. She could rip stitches though trying to get up and down on the furniture.

She will eat and drink when she is ready. It is so hard to see her like this. We went through it too.

Her biting at you is just cause she doesn't know why she feels so bad and her way of dealing with it.

LOL Listen to me...You may have done this before and I am not telling you anything new. Sorry.

I do hope she will get back to her old self soon. I hope she will a least drink soon.

Take care, Janet W

a little of me said...

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