Saturday, October 29, 2011

A few more pictures of home.....

 Happy Halloween!
 My new ottoman, much better than the ones I had. Need a new couch someday.  These are 20 years old.  So tired of them and they are breaking down.  I would like something more sleek and modern.

 I don't think I put any pictures of my kitchen, so here are some.  I always have a diet coke out.  Sigh...
 Ok, the stainless steel is smudged.  Home sweet home!

I plan on painting my kitchen a cream color and finally putting some knobs on.  
I also need new counter tops and a new sink and faucet.  
One of these days.....but until then I'm just happy that I have my own home.
My vintage kitchen aid mixer.  Yep, got it when I got married in 1970.  Still works good!!!!!!


Kerin said...

I love it all! It looks so cozy and inviting. Great looking ottoman. How fun to get something new :)
That green kitchenaid... my heart swoons.
Have a beautiful weekend!

Debbie said...

cute, cozy little kitchen!!

so funny about your mixer. i recently saw the mixing bowls i bought when i got married on someones site. they were listed as "vintage" mixing bowls.

omg i thought, i bought those and i use them could they possibly be "vintage"??

vintage = old stuff!! haha