Monday, September 26, 2011


I sat down to get on my computer for awhile, and of course my kitten, Star, is running all over the place, attacking my legs and feet, climbing my back, biting my arms and hands.  I have scratches and bite marks all over me.  She's learning not to though, she's pretty smart.  ANY whoo, as I said, I sat down on the couch with my computer and plunk, she lays down next to me and she's out.  Wish I could fall asleep that fast!!!!!  Kittens are amazing creatures.  Almost no fear.  She'll attack my older cat, Squeek, without thinking about the consequences which is usually a hiss and a bat by a huge paw.  Squeek is pretty dang good at getting her to back off.  Wish I had that power.  I am definitely her Mommy.  She meets me at the back door when I get home and whines till I pick her up.  And she just now climbed up on my chest, purring like a motor.  She is bound and determined to walk on my computer and I have to push her away at the very least 10 times before she gets the message.  Have I mentioned how much she wears me out?....


Leontien said...

haha but it is a good 'wear me out' though!

and the purring like a motor is defiantly a plus!


TexWisGirl said...

good thing puppies and kittens are so dang cute!