Thursday, September 22, 2011

Volcanoes and humans.....

 As I look at this picture I am amazed at the many layers of land.  All of it higher than the valley floor, but raised at different levels.  The volcanic activity that happened here millions of years ago, produced an ever changing landscape.  Because of earthquakes and volcanoes, the mountains went up from the pressure of land being squeezed together.  The pressure would be released and mountains would come down.  Wind and rain did their job by creating canyons, flattening tops of hills, exposing the beautiful red rock.
Is it so different in our own lives?  Things happen, we suffer from heartache, illness, hunger, weariness, loneliness, temptation, lies, judgement, weakness, hopelessness.  These things cause upheaval in our lives, then there are the happy times when we experience happiness, joy, love, healing, hope.  Our lives raise and fall during all these times.  Then there are the winds of time and the tears that are shed that cause us to mature, grow in wisdom and beautify us immeasurably.
All these things give us experience.  We learn, we grow, we can stand on our own, we get stronger with each step in our lives.  Even when a person feels his weakest, we are still stronger than we were.  We have friends that are suffering from illness or the threat of illness.  We have friends who are suffering from family problems.  We have friends who are suffering from their own private hells.  As they walk through their deepest time may we all help to raise them up.  Pull them up with the strength we have, and as we do this, we become more empathetic and loving toward our fellow man.
I have learned a lot from you my blog friends in the last few months.  I have enjoyed your friendship. Thank you!

Till we meet again,

Susan (aka) Alice


TexWisGirl said...

extremely well said! :)

Debbie said...

gorgeous photo....we are all climbing a mountain!!

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

You are an inspiration, Susan.