Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday afternoon and I'm watching the Bridges of Madison County.  Never get tired of that movie.  It's a hot afternoon here in the high desert and the perfect day to sit in the shade outside and read, or take a nap in my cool home.  I think I'm going to opt for the nap.  I'm tired, it's been a long stressful week, and my pillows are calling my name.  I love where I live.  Blue skies, red mountains, lots of trees, beautiful rivers full of water from the snow melting in the mountains.  Perfect place for a vegetable garden and grow alfalfa for horses and cows.  This is a pioneer town.  The Mormons left the east and traveled to the west and settled in Salt Lake City.  Brigham Young then sent some of the saints to the St. George area to settle the area.  They grew cotton and planted Mulberry trees to make silk.  Neither worked out, but the people soon found that they could build homes and have farms.  Brigham told the saints to plant lots of trees, which they did.  I work for the Parks Division for the City of St. George and we plant hundreds of trees every year.  Ever since I moved here 15 years ago, this area has become greener and greener.  I love it!

Well, I turned on the sprinklers on some dry looking grass in my back yard and now I should go and turn it off, and head for my cool bed.  I hope everyone has a great day!


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