Thursday, June 23, 2011

I am originally from Southern California.  I grew up going to the beach, going to the mountains, going to Disneyland, and swimming all the time.  Growing up in California during my young time of life was the best! My favorite thing in the whole world was to go to the beach.  I absolutely love it there!  I love diving in the waves, curling my toes in the sand, laying on the beach and feeling the cool breeze pass over my skin.  I love the sound of the ocean, lulling me to sleep, or to just relax.  My eldest son lives in Newport Beach, California.  He loves the ocean too.  One time when I went on vacation to his home for 9 days, I had the best time.  I didn't go shopping, or do anything other than be on the beach or in the water.  If I miss anything about California, it will be the beach.  I've lived in Southern Utah for 14 years now, but every summer the yearning to go to the beach can literally overtake me.  There is a country song I hear now, and one of the verses says,"my only worry in the world, is the tide gonna reach my chair".  Yep, that's how I feel at the beach!


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Kim said...

Enjoyed your post! I grew up along the coast in New Jersey and was ALWAYS at the beach as a child and an adult. Since I live in god-forsaken Texas, I haven't seen the beach in 11 years! But this summer I will be going back home to visit..and I'm going to the beach!

I know what you mean about the feel of the sand between your bare toes. Beach-combing, here I come! :)